I read a article in the paper in January 2015 about a pastor repairing and reopening   abandoned church.  In February I wrapped up a ranch job and decided before leaving the area to head west to stop by. I stopped and talked to him for several hours. While talking I noticed several electrical wires at the point of ignition.  After we finished talking I took time to do a quick walk thru to see the church and house.  It is in need of a lot of work. But was committed to it. That afternoon had to go to town and get electrical supplies to repair the burnt wires.  I knew the foundation was in bad shape but upon excavating the collapsed basement entry discovered the main foundation in poor condition. I was planning on spending a few months working on the church, now it’s a few years. Most of what I make from working goes right back into the church as the church doesn’t have the funds to make the repairs needed. I am volunteering my time and buying tools and equipment as needed. I have a big portion I need to get done in 2016 but need to get some jobs coming in so I can afford to continue the repairs. I have a bad back and knees but I don’t let that slow me down.

Another Area of focus for me is helping out churches when and where i can as being a christian is important and this is a chrisitan based bussines