Every day over 40 veterans take there own lives. and the number is estimated to be far higher as few veteran suicides are documented correctly. if 1 out of 10 people stepped up to help a veteran in need the numbers could be reduced. i went back into bussiness despite my health to help those in need,

Another area of focus is helping fellow veterans.  Being a disabled veteran I know how hard psychically and financially difficult everything can be and how little support there is out there.  I spent the better part of almost 7 years after returning from iraq in 2008 homeless and with chronic health problems. i kept  working when I could and staying where I can find a place to park my travel trailer. At times on the side of the road for months on end.  

I have helped friends and other veterans since  from everything from making sure they have a phone, paying there rent or bills, to sending money.  I can only do so much and do what I can when I can. If I hire  for a contract I specifically look for veterans that can do the work. The more work i get the more veterans i can help.

As i have stated else where, health isn't the greatest. but i will continue to push on and keep going.